Abigail the giraffe loves counting. One day, she tries to count the spots on her friend Ladybug, but the little bug scurries away. Abigail tries to count Zebra’s stripes and Cheetah’s spots, but her friends just won’t stand still! After several more unsuccessful attempts, Abigail begins to wonder if there’s anything at all that she can count. Then, she has an idea.

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  • Author : Cathrine Rayner
  • Illustrator : Cathrine Rayner
  • Published in : UK, 2013
  • Style : Narrative

about the author

Cathrine Rayner

Award winning author and illustrator Catherine Rayner studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of art. She fell in love with the city and still lives there with her husband, young son and a handful of creatures: Shannon the horse, Ena the grey cat and a goldfish called Richard. Find out more @ http://www.catherinerayner.co.uk