It’s the Bear!

The last time Eddie went for a walk in the woods, he had the biggest surprise of his life! There was a bear the size of a house in there! Now Eddie’s mom is in the mood to picnic in the wood—and she insists there aren’t any bears in there, (except Eddie’s teddy, Freddie). But when Mom forgets the blueberry pie, she runs home to get it while Eddie waits in the woods all alone! What happens next? Just guess! Hold on to your teddies, because Jez Alborough is back with another hilarious story about little Eddie and that oversized bear—and this time he’s hungry!

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  • Author : Jez Alborough
  • Illustrator : Jez Alborough
  • Published in : UK, 1996
  • Style : Rhyming

about the author

Jez Alborough

Jez Alborough was born in London and published his first children's book Bare Bear in 1985. Since then he has published 30 more. He now lives in Richmond, London, with his Danish wife. Find out more @