My Dog Bigsby

Meet my dog Bigsy. He’s only small, but everyone knows he’s the boss. Each morning he visits the animals on the farm. Squawk, neigh, quack, moo, baa, oink, cluck, purr, ruff ruff ruff!What a lot of noise!Buy Now!

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  • Author : Alison Lester
  • Illustrator : Alison Lester
  • Published in : Australia, 2015
  • Style : Narrative

about the author

Alison Lester

Alison Lester is one of Australia's most popular authors. She has written and illustrated over 25 picture books. Alison grew up on a farm overlooking the sea and first rode a horse as a baby in her father's arms. She still lives in the country and rides her horse whenever she can. She believes children need adventures and the freedom to imagine. Find out more @