Say hello to Zorro!

Mister Bud has a schedule. Things like wake-up time, nap time, snooze time, and shift-position-and-rest-some-more time are carefully planned. And everyone in his house follows his schedule.

Then disaster: A strange dog comes home at make-a-fuss time and throws off the whole schedule! Zorro is his name. And he is bossy. Mister Bud and Zorro want nothing to do with each other; until they discover they like the same things.



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detail product

  • Author : Carter Goodrich
  • Illustrator : Carter Goodrich
  • Published in : US, 2011
  • Style : Narrative

about the author

Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich's career as an award-winning freelance illustrator began in 1983. Carter lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He has also worked on animated films such as Shrek and Open Season. Find out more @

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