short sighted giraffe, The

Giraffe can't see very well. But when her animal friends make her a pair of glasses, she decides she would look silly with them! Instead of wearing them, and to prove to her friends she doesn't need glasses, Giraffe starts putting on protective clothing to stop her hurting herself every time she trips up or stumbles.

After a series of mishaps, her friends put the glasses on her at night, and when Giraffe catches her reflection in the water pool in the morning she is realises how silly she has been.



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  • Author : A. H. Benjamin
  • Illustrator : Gill McLean
  • Published in : UK, 2013
  • Style : Narrative

about the author

A. H. Benjamin

A H Benjamin has been a children's writer since the mid-eighties. Also some of his work has been adapted for radio, television and theatre. He lives in Lincolnshire with his wife, Trisha. They have four grown up children and four young grandchildren who have all been an inspiration to him.

Gill McLean

Gill McLean worked as a children's book designer before turning to illustration work.

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