T-Rex’s terrible tooth

This T-Rex is a fearsome carnivore until he gets a terrible pain in his tooth. What can he do? A passing brontosaurus comes to his rescue. But when the terrible tooth finally comes out, is it time for all the other dinosaurs to run?



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  • Author : Kathryn England
  • Illustrator : Ben Redlich
  • Published in : Australia, 2010
  • Style : rhyming

about the author

Ben Redlich

Ben Redlich is a Brisbane-based illustrator who has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has illustrated many books, including The Great Montefiasco by Colin Thompson, Circus Carnivore by Mark Svendsen and Cowzat! by Bruce Atherton. Smeck was a labour of love for more than four years. Find out more @ http://benredlich.blogspot.com.au

Kathryn England

Kathryn England grew up in Sydney and is the mother of four children. She has been a legal secretary, part owner of a milk run, farm hand and now runs her own art print laminating business. Find out more @ https://www.penguin.com.au/authors/kathryn-england

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