Wanted: The perfect pet

Not everyone has to go to the pet shop to find their perfect pet… Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Henry. What Henry wanted more than anything in the whole wide world. . . MORE than chips. . . MORE than a cowboy costume. . . MORE than an all-expenses-paid trip to the moon. . . was a DOG. A lovable tale of adventure and friendship. . . and the lengths some will go to find it.
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  • Author : Fiona Roberton
  • Illustrator : Fiona Roberton
  • Published in : UK, 2009
  • Style : Narrative

about the author

Fiona Roberton

Fiona Roberton was born in Oxford and studied art and design in London and New York. She has kept the wolf from the door for a number of years by working as a designer, but has since befriended the wolf, and has it to tea on Tuesdays. Sometimes they go out. Her book, Wanted: The Perfect Pet, was inspired by her love of dogs, ducks and disguises. Find out more @ http://www.iloveporkchop.com

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